How to pay less for your car insurance

Every driver is required by law to have car insurance. But not all of them spend a lot of time thinking about what type of policy to choose or how they can hire good coverage for little moneyAlthough, you can not improve your driving record from one day to the next, there are a series of actions that we can carry out, or at least take them into account, when trying to reduce the car’s insurance premium.

Below we are going to give you some tips to pay less for your car insurance .

Search and compare insurance every six months

What we should do is review at least once or twice a year what insurance companies offer. In this way we will know if we could pay less for our insurance. Nowadays, making this comparison is really simple since on the internet we can find numerous websites that allow us to see what rates the insurers offer with a few simple clicks.

Take advantage of the bonuses

The vast majority of insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who have an immaculate record.

If you have not had any accident or mishap in the last 3 or 5 years, you can surely benefit from this type of bonus.

Group insurance in the same company

Having insurance (home, car, etc.) in different companies can be a mistake, even if they are the cheapest in the market separately.

What we should do is call the company with which we have car insurance and ask if we will have a discount if we take the rest of our insurance to your company.

Avoid paying in monthly installments

The price of the car insurance is an annual amount, what happens is that the companies allow to split the payment because this way people find it easier to pay their insurance.

The problem is that we may be charging additional administrative costs for the fact of splitting the payment. In order to avoid these expenses, we can set aside each month the amount corresponding to our car insurance to cover the joint payment.

Find a safe vehicle

Many companies offer discounts depending on the security measures that a vehicle has, including airbags, antilock brakes, alarms, etc.

Be sure to indicate these security features to your insurer to benefit from the available discounts.

Do not assume unnecessary coverages

If you do not monitor the terms of your car insurance policy, you may be paying for things you do not need.

Read the terms and look for the opportunity to eliminate unnecessary costs.

If you drive a little, you will pay less

Many insurers offer discounts to those who perform a few kilometers a year in their vehicle.

For example, if you lived in the suburbs and now live next to your work, you will not have to use the car to go to work. You will not do so many kilometers a year and you can pay less for your car insurance.

Safe driving courses

It is not usual, but sometimes, insurers offer discounts to drivers who successfully pass a safe driving course at an accredited institution.

Check if your company offers this type of courses.

Park your vehicle in a garage

Statistics show that cars that are parked in garages are less likely to be stolen or to have an accident.

For this reason, the vast majority of companies will offer you a discount if your car is parked at night in a garage instead of the street.

Opt for a “smaller” car

If your bills do nothing but go up, now may be the best time to change vehicles. Moving from a mid-high-end vehicle to a mid-range vehicle can save you 50% of your car insurance.

Save being young

For novice drivers the prices of car insurance are usually prohibitive. To reduce the insurance premium we can do the following:

  • Choose a car that companies call “low risk”.
  • Limit annual mileage.
  • Be an occasional driver in the parent’s insurance.
  • Take certified safe driving courses.

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