Kit Car Insurance

Kit Car Insurance is an extremely specialist form of cover. It is funny to think that you can have a box or parts, bit’s and pieces delivered to you, from which you can produce a car.

All kits cars used to have to be Q registered, which in itself can cause a nightmare when trying to arrange car insurance. Why, because the Q registration prefix has traditionally been used in the UK for vehicles that have been stolen and recovered or written off and re-built. However, kit cars can today carry the registration prefix applicable when they are registered with the DVLA.

Getting make to finding companies who can offer cover – a company appropriately named “Kit Car Insurance” are a specialist BIBA registered insurance broker. They are based in Surrey and can be contacted on 0845 330 6001.

Also, there is Adrian Flux, whom we have talked about a few times on this site. They have a specialist Kit Car Insurance team which even includes people who have built and run their own kit cars, putting them it the best possible position to understand and provide for your requirements. They are the largest kit car intermediary in the uk and are able to provide niche policies for every stage of your kit car building process. This starts with being able to offer a “goods in transit” policy to cover the kit, if you are picking it up from the factory. Once home and in the garage, they can provide a policy to cover the parts throughout its build stage and once the project is complete, can provide tailor made road risks cover.

As with other forms of specialist motor insurance, Adrian Flux can offer limited mileage policies, saving you money if the kit car is only used occasionally, and agreed value policies. Their specialist department can be contacted on 08700 692202.

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