Sports car insurance

Sports car insurance is regarded as a niche market, so it will often pay to do a bit of research to find a specialist broker, rather then rely on the run of the mill market. If you own a classic sports car it is worth checking out this page and contacting a specialist classic broker. If you own a modern day sports car – read on here!

A sports car is a lot of people’s pride and joy, both men and women live for those bright, fresh summer Sunday mornings when they take their sports car for a spin down some windy country lanes. Owning a sports car is an enthusiast’s pass time, often expensive yes, but certainly very rewarding. It can be likened to that of owning a motorcycle, which makes sports car insurance one of the least despised forms of this necessity.

The insurance group of a sports car is usually a lot higher that a standard vehicle, due to the size of engine and the performance of the vehicle, which does lead to higher insurance costs. Although it is possible to keep this cost down by making sure you receive all of the discounts you are entitled to. Garaging you vehicle can often attract a discount, so make sure you state if you do not leave the car on the drive overnight. If the car is a 2nd vehicle only used on those lovely sunny days, then it may be that it only covers a couple of thousand miles a year – again, make sure you tell the insurance broker if this is the case. Lastly, vehicle security is as important as ever when it comes to this sort of vehicle. The theft desirability of such cars is often high, so a lot of insurers may insist on the fitment of a Thatcham approved security device or in some cases even a Tracking system.

Adrian Flux has a specialist department to deal with this type of insurance policy and are even recommended by the BMW car club of Great Britain, they can be contacted on 08700 777888. QuotelineDirect ™ may also be able to source you a good deal – 0870 606 2805. By all means we recommend you obtain some online quotes for your sporty car, but such is the nature of this niche, that you may eventually get a better deal by ringing around for a quote. A lot of company might have once is known as “delegated” authority, which enables them to individually underwrite, i.e. set the price, of each policy, it is very difficult to cater for such things online.

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